Shamim Ahmed

Get to know Shamim Ahmed

Started from training numerous enthusiastic youths to learn nail to toes about digital marketing, Shamim Ahmed founded IMBD Agency in 2016. This has been a great success competing around the country and has been successful to hit international targets. In 2023, his innovation reached a milestone being a limited company and there it’s a gift from him for the progress of digital marketing in Bangladesh, IMBD Agency Limited.

In the same year, 2023, Shamim Ahmed introduced Story Craft, a sister concern of IMBD Agency LTD., with a goal to improve the quality and storyline of productions done related to marketing. The mastermind later on joined ACCA to learn further about marketing and finance sector.

The great man often presents himself as like a sponge who would soak up in new things and new skills.

Helping Your Business to Grow Faster

Note down your success and ROI increment

Step 01.

Consultation – Sit and discuss openly about you and your aim to execute the primary step to success.

Step 02.

Planning – Sketch the planning with the mastermind and fix timeline and phases of chores to be done.

Step 03.

Execution – It’s not about risk but it’s about executing the plan with fruitful but strict action.